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Before Oliver Queen found himself shipwrecked and forced to reinvent himself, he was, among other things, a partying, womanizing playboy jerk. When at a party he met young Sandra "Moonday" Hawke, their son Connor was conceived. Connor grew up idolizing his distant father, at the same time dealing with bullying at school and his complicated relationship with his mother. During his early teenage years, wanting to learn archery and get away from his problems at school, Connor enrolled in a Zen Ashram - the same one his father had studied at some years ago. Under the tutelage of Master Jansen, Connor came to embrace Zen Buddhism and Kyuudo principles, learning to control his temper and seeking a path to enlightenment. While training, Connor discovered a stunning talent for martial arts; however, much to his dismay, he remained largely average at archery, and when after several years his father Oliver Queen came to reside at the Ashram once more, Connor was quick to approach him, and left alongside him when Oliver had to move on. After Oliver's death, Connor took up his mantle as the second Green Arrow, and was the one to save his father and Mia Dearden upon Oliver's return from the dead. Now, Connor works alongside the rest of his family in Star City, helping train the new Speedy, Mia, and getting to settle into the hero life once more.
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